Reggaefied Party in the Park

Dr. Martin Luther King park was the site for last nights Party in the Park concert series in Rochester, NY. Thursday August 11, featured one of the most recognized reggae iconic bands of all time, the Wailers. Yes, as in Bob Marley and the Wailers. There was positive vibrations coupled with a natural mystic flowing through the crowd. The band played Buffalo Soldier, Exodus, Jamming, Lively up yourself to name a few. A well behaved united crowd that was encouraged by the band to maintain unity in their daily lives. Prior to the Wailers appearance on stage a reggae vibe was already building courtesy of Rochester's own Ignite Reggae Band. Ignite is a local reggae band who had just performed at the Woodlawn Beach Tiki bar in Hamburg, NY on Jamaica's independence anniversary. Ignite reggae band is known to deliver authentic reggae music similar to the Wailers. There was a third band who played some funky grooves but Ignite started the reggae fire and the Wailers keep it burning. Party in the park was just amazing and it brought people together within the city at a time when the country's political climate is cloudy.

Reggae music is said to be music of unity.

Party in the park thank you for bring these two amazing reggae bands to inspire the people.

#partyinthepark #Rochesterlivemusic #Wailers #Ignitereggaeband

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