Spirit of Marley Reggae

Ziggy Marley was the vehicle by which reggae music traveled to your core if you attended Coors light concerts at Art Park Wednesday July 19, 2017 in Lewiston, NY. A colorful audience was on hand for the message within the music. This appeared to be one of the largest crowd according to Ziggy Marley and it was nice.

The Vibrations began approximately 6 pm with the Slyboots School of Music, Art and Dance who showcased members of their Slyboots Circus with traditional West African dance and drumming combined with acrobatics as they prepare for Slyfest 12.

The drums spoke the language of love as people migrated from African artistic presentation to Cyro Baptista's Banquets of the Spirits. They came across as a warm souls with love for humanity and the band delivered a fascinating compilation of jazzy beats set the scene for the Spirit of Marley Music.

Energetic Ziggy Marley burst onto the stage and the audience began dancing, singing and grooving to the riddims of his iconic tomorrow people. The tone for the evening and into the night was evident. Other songs such as Love Is My Religion, Buffalo Soldier, Stir It Up, War, Get Up Stand Up, Beach in Hawaii and Exodus was part of his delivery to the people.

As I mingled with the people, I thought it was not just about the son of legendary Bob Marley, but the message in the music; self empowerment, self realization, emancipation, peace and love. Within myself, there was an overall vibe of inspiration to create, formulate, and execute artistic expression to foster unity.

The highlight of my evening was my phone having a mind of its own during my interaction with Ziggy Marley after the show. I grabbed my phone to have a photo taken and the sounds of Bob Marley music began to play. For some reason I could not stop or pause the music quick enough, but these are the situations that help you understand the character of a person like Ziggy Marley. He remained patient as he gave members of the opening act (myself included) his time and attention. When asked about the compilation of Love is My Religion he responded in a genuine philosophical manner stating " Dem yah song a now, dem yah music direck me" " The song direct me" A very powerful statement to never forget.

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